Project: Beverly Drive Spanish Estate

Client: Cardinal Equities LLC

Budget: $1.2 M

Contractor: The JCA Group

Status: Completed

Interior Design: Sanna Pollanen Interior Studio

We love older homes. They often have a soul to them that seems to be lost in the design of newer developments. We could feel the energy of old Hollywood in the house and imagined stars of that age like Jean Harlow being invited over for cocktails. We tried to preserve, and in some cases restore, that essence with careful attention to the scale of different rooms and the relationship of one space to the other. Spaces were then updated to reflect contemporary living such as a movie screening lounge, an open chef's kitchen, a new outdoor courtyard and other unique modern amenities.

The upper level addition to the house presented some of the harder design challenges. It was done in 1980 and was an obvious attempt to simply maximize square footage. We needed to find ways to unify the two parts of the house and make the upstairs have the same grandeur as downstairs. Most of the upstairs rooms were reconfigured and in the process we were able to create bedroom suites with personal bathrooms and walk-in closets for each room, each opening to the central atrium with gallery walls.


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