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Indoor Outdoor Architect Rendering
Indoor Outdoor Architect Rendering
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Under Construction
Under Construction
Under Construction West Hollywood
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Modern House Basement
Modern House Basement
Modern House Basement
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On site construction visit
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Project: Indoor / Outdoor House

Client: Private Residence

Budget: $1.4M

Contractor: 2RB Builders Corp.

Status: In Construction

Located in West Hollywood, this project was an exercise incorporating various indoor outdoor relationships. The structure boasts a 38 foot wide sliding glass door system to connect the family room and kitchen to the rear yard. The stairs of the house float in between two poured in place concrete walls with a 3 story glass wall behind it, connecting the stairs to a light-well on the basement level and open air side-yards. Also along the side of the house lie a number of flush in-floor skylights, bringing light down into the spa, sound studio, maids room and theater, which also has a 50 sq.ft. window into the pool.


Construction of a basement with a 5' high water table proved challenging and exciting. We utilized a two foot thick concrete basement floor (aka matte foundation) with concrete poured in place walls and podium around the house and pool to ensure the home does not yield to water pressure as well as allowing equal settlement between the pool and house. With much of the structures components, like plumbing and electrical elements, installed within that foundation required diligent coordination among all affected trades, contractor, architect and engineer.

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