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Pitchoun Bakery
Pitchoun Rendering of Exterior
Rustic Contemporary Cafe
Open space lighting
Restaurant Architect in Los Angeles
Lighting in Commercial Architecture
Rustic Wall Design
Cakes and Pastries
Interior Decorations
Architectural Detail of Café
Custom Pastries
Lighting Detail
Commercial store design
Cakes Pitchoun Bakery
Pitchoun Bakery Menu
Inside Pitchoun Bakery
Rustic Interior Café
Pitchoun Bakery
Pitchoun design concept

Project: Pitchoun

Client: Pitchoun

Budget: Private

Contractor: Private

Status: Completed

Educated at the "Ecole de Boulangerie Patisserie de Paris", Frederic and Fabienne Soulies come from a family of bakers and chefs so when they approached us with their vision of a Bakery/ Cafe concept, we couldn't resist this delicious project.

Our role in the project included feasibility studies on multiple locations, ultimately aiding our clients in finding a space at the Historic PacMutual building in Downtown Los Angeles, across from the famous Pershing Square.

Our goal was to create a fresh yet rustic space that was cheerful, colorful and rich in materials. A mix of different sitting areas were introduced for various uses. Tables for eating, lounge chairs around a fireplace for some croissant and coffee and larger, more communal and small private tables outside with an 8 story green wall as the backdrop. Bon Appetite! ​

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